Wrist Strap | Trio Studs

Wrist Strap | Trio Studs


  • $75.00

Wrist Straps Available for Current bags.

Black, Brown and Grey Options.


About Rebellion

In 2003, I created 300 money clips for women, drenched in crystals, and started my first business in Scottsdale, AZ.  A self-proclaimed designer with no previous design background, I set out on a mission: food, diapers and a roof over our head. To that end, I created a way to help myself and women hold onto their money; both figuratively and literally. I had a new commercial pilot's rating that I set aside to go about the business of being a mother and I reconciled that designer supported that best.  I also reasoned that all original ideas start somewhere, so why shouldn't I have one?  With a one-year-old on my hip and the determination to keep him at home with me, I approached one high-end boutique after another. "But women don't carry money clips," they each said at first, to which I'd reply, "you're right, they don't, but they will!"  And they did. 
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