Sterling Grey Necklace

Hot Girls Pearls

  • $75.00

A color reminiscent of sterling silver, yet deeper and more mysterious, Sterling Grey will delight you with its cooling versatility and vibe. Great for home, office or out on the town, these pearls are truly a sophisticated answer to the miseries of feeling miserably hot.  While each pearl is about the size of a quarter.

16” length will have a choker-like look, and only weighs 2.9oz.

18” length is our most popular and lies just below the collar bone, weighing only 3.3oz.

20” length lies just above the breast line and weighs only 3.4oz.

What They're Made Of

Each beautiful strand is made with the finest materials including Swarovski spacer pearls, sterling silver findings, nylon wrapped steel wire, and a strong magnetic clasp for easy use. You won’t need any help putting our necklace on (just slide the magnets to open and let it snap back to close).  Each patented pearl is filled with a non-toxic gel that won’t leak. 

Your necklace comes with FREE a gel-lined pouch.  For optimal cooling, freeze your pearls and pouch together for at least four hours. The pouch acts like a mini-freezer that will keep your pearls cool for hours, perfect for when you’re on the go.  Just put them on and start chillin’.

If your pearls get dirty, simply wipe them with a soft cloth.   

How They Work

Hands down Hot Girls Pearls are the most stylish and elegant way to stay cool anytime you’re feeling overheated. The secret is our patented pearls. Each pearl is filled with non-toxic gel that won’t leak and when frozen provides soothing relief. As soon as you receive your pearls you’ll discover how lightweight they are. Simply place them in the freezer along with your gel-line travel pouch for at least four hours for optimal cooling. Depending on your environment, your pearls will stay cool for up to 30 minutes. Take your pouch with you and you can keep your pearls cold until you’re ready to wear them, and replace them in the pouch to re-cool.


About Suzanne Einstein Collection

In 2011, with an idea that came from a need and necessity- not to mention a little chutzpah, Hot Girls Pearls ™ was born. 

Since the first prototype and design, adjustments and refinements have been made.  And today, Hot Girls Pearls ™ provides cooling relief in a fun and fashionable way to thousands of women for all kinds of conditions. 

Whether it’s traditional hot flashes from menopause and pregnancy, to simply wanting to stay cool in the hot summer months, Hot Girls Pearls ™ keeps you cool while looking hot.

With our patented pearls filled with cooling gel and magnetic clasp, you will be delighted at how easy they are to put on and take off.  And you will be amazed by how lightweight they feel.

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