Resume Development Package

Resume Development Package

Define Yourself

  • $750.00

Define Yourself works with college students and young professionals by working with some friends’ children to determine their approach.

“We start with a conference call with the graduate. This allows us to get to know them and hear about their career goals and learn about what they’ve done for work and in college.” Wendy says that many kids don’t know how to talk about their experiences and need to learn how to present themselves in the best light, on paper and in person. Some also need guidance in determining their strengths and career direction.

“One of our goals is to help kids talk about their skills and strengths in a constructive way. This is huge for them in the interviewing process,” says Gina. Wendy and Gina then take what they’ve learned about their client and create or revise their resume to best reflect the student or young professional’s accomplishments.

The next step is to figure out how their clients want to approach their job or internship search. Most students don’t know how to start the process. “Many clients want to use the same cover letter for every opportunity. We teach them how to research companies and target heir letters to the specific company and position.” Wendy and Gina teach them how to use their college resources and how to access their personal relationship to the network. “Young adults need the confidence to reach out to people they know who might help them. We work to explain how that process works and how they can utilize to their benefit.”