Rest Easy Unlimited Package

Rest Easy Sleep Consulting

  • $695.00

Rest Easy Unlimited & Sensitive Start packages are geared towards parents who are ready to make long-lasting, positive changes to their child’s sleep habits and want extra support along the way. These packages are appropriate for all ages and stages, whether you have a 5+ month old baby or a walking, talking toddler, we offer the ideal way to uncover the sleep issues that keep your family from getting the rest they need.

What’s included: 

  • Online analysis of child’s sleep history and current tendencies
  • Customized sleep plan tailored to your family’s needs, goals and philosophies
  • 1-hour private phone consultation that will provide you with a comprehensive look at sleep and wellness, calming techniques, schedules, and realistic sleep patterns for a baby. You will feel educated, confident and prepared for your sleep journey
  • 30 days of unlimited email support (Monday - Friday) 
  • 10 quick support text messages daily (Monday - Friday)
  • 30-minute follow up call (two weeks after implementation)
  • Four additional follow up emails post support (no expiry)
  • Support through developmental changes, nap transitions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of sleep needs and baby development
  • Sample schedules for each developmental stage
  • My Sleep and Baby Development e-book


Heart-Centred Support for Sleep-Deprived Families. 

Kim Sopman is the Owner & Founder of Rest Easy Sleep Consulting™. She is an Advanced Certified Sensitive Sleep Consultant, a Certified HUG Teacher, Certified Newborn Sleep Consultant, and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. In addition Kim completed her Infant Mental Health Community Training through the Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP) and the Hospital of Sick Children, Toronto.
Kim takes her continued sleep education seriously, and continues to develop her approach to provide sensitive sleep strategies to families. Kim’s compassionate, empathetic nature makes her a favourite amongst families that desire a sensitive, respectful approach to sleep learning.