Queen Size T-Shirt Quilt

Queen Size T-Shirt Quilt

Fairfield County Quilts

  • $1,049.50

80" x 90" T-shirt quilt made from your t-shirts.

45-55 shirts are required for this size.

Once I receive your shirts, I will contact you with more design choices, such as the color and pattern of the quilt backing.

Please wash all shirts before sending, even if they have been stored for a while.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery depending on number of orders received.

Shipping price includes insurance. Shipping will be refunded if you are close to Darien, CT and would like to pick up your quilt.



About Fairfield County Quilts

Beautifully designed mosaic quilts created from your t-shirts. These quilts make perfect gifts for graduations and birthdays. Made by hand with top quality craftsmanship and materials, these quilts will last a lifetime. Delivery time will vary, but please allow 4 - 6 weeks....
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