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Eleanor Stone Cuffs NYC

  • $550.00

1940's Georg Jensen highly collectible rare piece, sterling silver, from Denmark.
Cuff is available in black, navy, brown, greige, or white Italian leather. Choose custom buckle in sterling silver or bronze.
We really think that one great piece makes every outfit cooler. Throw on one of our cuffs, and your whole look will be better.
A simple black dress. Check.
A boho outfit. Check.
Jeans and a t-shirt. Check Check.
It goes with everything! Simple. Easy.
...and way cool. 


About Eleanor Stone Cuffs NYC

Eleanor Stone NYC is all about celebrating individuality. 

We pair beautiful vintage pieces and antiques with modern, thick, luxurious leather, creating wearable art that makes every outfit cool and unique. Our leather wrap around cuffs features vintage and antique brooches reimagined into modern statement pieces.
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