Nutritional Tune Up

Nutritional Tune Up


  • $250.00

If you are fed up with feeling sluggish, overweight or just want to feel absolutely amazing, then this is for you! This 1.5 hour comprehensive visit promises to change your life in ways you can't imagine!! We will review your current diet, wellness and lifestyle issues and quickly get you on track to becoming "The Best Version of You"! You will receive an easy-to-follow eating plan, recipes, supplement recommendations and a ton of inspiration and motivation to becoming what you've only dreamed of - a happier, healthier, slimmer more energetic you!!!

"Fabulous doesn’t do justice to describing nutritionist Jacqui Justice! She’s also professional, well versed , thoughtful, compassionate, accessible and fun.  I’m a fan and  recommend her to anyone seeking a nutritionist!" Debbie Nigro, Syndicated Media Personality/ Entrepreneur

"Jacqui has changed my life!!" Toni DeMauro, Equinox



About Jacqui

Jacqui Justice holds an M.S. and C.N.S. in Clinical Nutrition, as well as, a certification in Functional Clinical Nutrition from Designs For Health Institute. One of the New York areas leading Nutritionists, Jacqui has been in private practice since 1996 with offices NYC and Westchester County...
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