Nepalese Blue Coral & Tibetan Turquoise Stone Brass Bracelet

Nepalese Blue Coral & Tibetan Turquoise Stone Brass Bracelet

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  • $45.00

This delicious, delicately crafted bracelet inspired by the colors of the sea and sky make this piece a stunning example of Nepalese fine jewelry.

Blue coral is believed by the Nepalese, particularly Buddhists to be a stone that has protective healing energies for women and children and is said to help with issues associated with the circulatory system.

All of our jewelry pieces are handcrafted by artisans with many years of experience and may show slight imperfections in color, appearance and bead size. Such characteristics enhance the jewelry artistry and make it genuinely one of a kind.


About Arti & Ashmita

Arti & Ashmita is an idea of women empowered, of giving hope and support to the women and girls of Nepal through fair and ethical trade of authentic and unique jewelry pieces, each made lovingly by hand in the traditional way.

Established in London, Kathmandu, New York, Los Angeles and Boston, we strive to bring genuine and beautifully handcrafted jewelry with a message that is rooted deep in ancient Nepalese culture for everyone to enjoy. In working together, we lift each other up. We can raise awareness of religion and customs. Encourage self-belief. Through togetherness, we can make a difference.
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