Kai Glass Cuff


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Heritage Collection

 Reflecting the artistic traditions of Etkie's designers, the Heritage Collection represents a passion and craftsmanship passed down from one generation to the next. Each individual bracelet is thoughtfully hand-loomed by Native American artisans using the unique processes and distinct patterns shared with them by their ancestors. Available in both large and small cuff sizes, these bracelets feature bright blues, yellows, reds and oranges accenting a background of complementary neutrals, beaded by hand and sewn onto soft leather. The eye-catching, traditional beadwork and distinct hues of the Heritage Collection make each piece both a work of art and a preservation of a unique cultural heritage.

About Etkie

How We Got Started

The word Etkie translates to mean “impact” in Turkish. In 2013, Sydney worked with a women’s cooperative in Istanbul assisting artisans in creating a platform for their handmade jewelry. The intent was to elevate their profit from meager sales to a reliable living wage. Returning to New Mexico, she launched ETKIE with the same passion to create an ethical company that could provide Native American beaders with a platform to create contemporary designs using the artistic traditions passed down from generations.

Ethically Made with Love

The team of artists earn living wages, impacting the choices they can make for themselves and their families. The artists live on the Navajo Nation where the roads to work are long and the jobs are nonexistent. Many of them elect to work from home on the land and in the community where their roots are deeply planted.

Handcrafted with our heart and soul, with no two pieces exactly the same, we hope you enjoy wearing your ETKIE piece.

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