Reinvention - Discover Your Venture or Blog Topic

Reinvention - Discover Your Venture or Blog Topic

Venture Mom

  • $497.00
  • Save $1,000

Are you ready to reinvent your life through your own venture?

How it works:

First: You’ll do a bit of self exploration. You'll complete a guided process that will allow you to find the right business venture or blog topic that fits your lifestyle, interests and passions.

Second: the original Venture Detective, Holly Hurd, will review your profile and come up with a plan for you to start a business or a blog you love.  

Third: You’ll have a one hour consultation on the phone with Holly. At the end of the call you'll have a business that uses your skills, interests and lifestyle. Or you'll have a blog plan to use to move forward. 

You'll get a business model that you can put to work right away. 

You'll also get three venture stories of other women who have started businesses out of thin air, in your area of interest. 

So many women around the country have reached out to VentureMom and come away with an idea for a business that they love. Holly understands the time constraints of women, the need to create something around a passion, and the desire for something simple. 

In this process:

  • You’ll learn how you like to spend your time
  • You’ll figure out who you like to spend your time with
  • You’ll discover something in your life now that you can build a business around
  • You’ll figure out how to get paid doing what you love to do
  • You’ll learn how to make your own hours
  • You’ll learn how to fit your new venture into your current life
  • You’ll get a business model and a plan for implementing it
  • You’ll feel excited about your new business
  • You’ll learn how to start small and grow

After this process you'll be on your way to building the lifestyle and income you want. Get started today!!!

Blog Topic Discovery: 
  • You’ll figure out your why for starting a blog
  • You'll learn what you want to share with the world through a blog. 
  • You’ll walk away with a potential name for your blog
  • You'll walk away with several blog topics
  • You'll get a plan for how to get started

After this process you'll be on your way to launching your own blog. Get started today!!!

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