Deluxe Tahitian Drop Earrings

Jhanã Pearl

  • $750.00

These stunning Deluxe Royal Tahitian Drop Earrings feature large 11-12mm lustrous Tahitian pearls.  The leather knotting at the top adds a sleek mood to the design, offering an elegant and stylish look.  Part of the Boho Couture collection, these classic earrings make a beautiful statement day and night.

Jhaña Pearl Jewelry l Tahitian Pearls l Leather and Pearl Jewelry


Naturally formed by the cycles of the moon, ocean and changing tides, the Tahitian pearl has been worn through the ages to evoke the spirit and balance the heart.  Jhaña Pearl blends these beautiful and lustrous ocean gems with raw elements of leather, bone and precious metals, creating a bohemian luxury collection inspired by the ease and leisure of island living.

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