0.40 ct Diamond and 18 kt Gold "Sea"Quins Ring

0.40 ct Diamond and 18 kt Gold "Sea"Quins Ring

Susan Lister Locke's Gallery

  • $3,500.00

Continuously inspired by living on an island, Susan Lister Locke created the "Sea" Quin Series which includes this stunning 18kt Gold ring set with 0.4ct Diamonds.

Size: 6.75
Dimensions of Ring: 8.37mm x 2.07mm

Metals:  18 kt Gold

Stones:  Diamonds

About Susan Lister Locke

“From my gallery on Easy Street, I look out on Nantucket Harbor with all its marine activity, and I see the fabulous light and changing colors of the sun, sea and sky. I find this—along with the flora and fauna of the Island—truly inspirational and vital to my work and my very being.”
“I try to incorporate all of this into my work, into my choices for gemstones, my shapes and finishes—whether they be sculptural or organic, highly polished or subtly burnished. I may start with an idea—a specific image—but often times the process itself takes me on a different journey and surprises me. It’s as if what emerges as a finished design was there all the time, with its own energy, just waiting to be released.”

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