2018-19 Academic Planner LETTER-SIZE

Out Of Order Chaos

  • $18.99

Giving Students an Easy Way to SEE Time so They Can Learn to MANAGE it.

Featuring After School Planning Capabilities!


A unique vertical index page at the front of the planner enables students to record their class subjects (7 subject boxes) only once, eliminating forgetfulness and frustration.

Ample space to enter all school activities (from 2 pm through 9 pm) and weekend commitments facilitate weekly time management and planning strategies.

Planner pages line up with an index on a subject-by-subject basis, creating an easy and natural method for students to record and review their weekly schedules.

Days of the week listed horizontally across the top of the weekly two-page calendar layout creates a grid for simple entry and allows students to see assignments and due dates.

A Project Planning Guide to help plan long-term assignments.

Full page monthly calendars with ample room for notes allows students to adequately plan monthly projects.

Large size pages (7” x 11” interior pages) allows for more room to write assignments and activities.

Three-hole punching allows for easy placement in binders.

Based on a school-year calendar (July-June).

OPTIONAL BONUS FEATURES: Add an Academic Planner Accessories Pack that includes: 1 Page Marker, 1 set of Monthly Tabs and 1 set of Student Stickers all packaged in a clear reusable vinyl envelope.


About Out Of Order Chaos

Our Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management is an award-winning educational tool for students that keep them on task and on track to succeed with their assignments, projects, goals, and more. This planner’s patented layout design allows students to see when assignments are due and tests scheduled alongside after-school commitments and free blocks of time, enabling students to visualize their time so they can learn to master and manage it.

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