Full Face Forma Facial Treatment - One Session

Full Face Forma Facial Treatment - One Session

The Collagen Bar

  • $1,000.00

At The Collagen Bar, we deliver skin results. Our approach is unique because of our restorative ingredients curated by nature, breakthrough technology harnessed by science & our custom non-invasive techniques. The clients will not only feel revived and invigorated, but they will also instantly notice a reduction in lines and wrinkles, a refined skin elasticity, re-sculpted tissue lift and a noticeably youthful appearance!

Forma Rf Collagen Treatment'
(For Face only, Orig. Value $1050)
1-year expiration from the date given-
Please contact diana@thecollagenbar.com or text 203.241.8813 to schedule.
The certificate includes a Full Face Forma Facial treatment.  We have the latest Radiofrequency device which helps tighten the face, reduce lines and wrinkles and prevents the skin from sagging even more.  
This treatment is painless, non-invasive and quick! It feels like a hot stone massage, very comfortable on the skin.  There's no downtime, no burns and you can go out to an event right away!



About The Collagen Bar

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