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Tiana Bags

One of a kind, handcrafted purses for the discerning woman. At the heart of every bag is the essence of the exquisitely crafted beads that it is made of. While the product is of the 21st century, the roots are firmly anchored in the traditions of hand craftsmanship in India, where each bag is distinct with a different story to tell. Only the choicest beads are sourced, cut and colored with utmost care.


Every bag is handmade by master craftsmen using techniques that have been perfected over time. Beads, crystals and pearls are handled with care and precision to shape them into the unique form that marks each purse. Our purses are created in a meticulous way with the sole aim to incorporate refinement in every detail and never with a goal of efficiency. A lot of effort is put in to ensure that the bags keep their elegant form for a long time and age gracefully.