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rest easy sleep consulting

About Rest Easy Sleep Consulting


Rest Easy Sleep Consulting is dedicated to uncovering the root of your family's unique sleep challenges. By offering sensitive sleep solutions, we are committed to protecting the parent-child attachment relationship.
We are so glad you are here. We bet you would really love some quality SLEEP - for the whole family! Sleep coaching is a big step, but it’s so worth it! We have been there and we know it can be overwhelming with all the information available about sleep online and in books, but none of that information is personalized with your unique baby in mind. This is where we come in!

Are you looking to have a personal sleep mentor in your back pocket to guide you and ensure you achieve your sleep goals? Read on!

Our team is going to help you navigate the art and science that is baby sleep! We will work towards your baby or toddler becoming an independent sleeper in a respectful and supportive way. Our practice focuses on sleep education and gentle learning rather than “sleep training”. We do not recommend CIO (extinction) to families. Instead, we guide parents to follow their instincts if baby is having trouble settling for naps or crying during the night. We put tremendous focus on the science of sleep and age-appropriate schedules. We will set your baby up for success by implementing clean sleep strategies, plus we will observe and understand your little one's individual sleep needs.
Our approach is sensitive, honest and realistic. Learn proven techniques for better sleep habits without leaving your children to cry-it-out. Our attachment-based methods ensure the parent-child bond is priority.