Victoria Chain

Victoria Chain

Peyton William Jewelry

  • $195.00

Timeless, versatile and sophisticated brushed Vermeil link chains. Chains come in a variety of different link shapes. Each chain has a large hook clasp, measures 36" in length and can be worn long or doubled. 

Slight variations may be present.

About Peyton William Jewelry

"Peyton William Jewelry is based between Charleston, SC, and Vero Beach, FL, representing a unique expression of coastal style - easy, sophisticated, elegant.  Incorporating a variety of natural precious gemstones, sea pearls, and other nature-inspired materials, many of the designer’s hand made pieces are one-of-a-kind, making the Peyton William collection truly individual. Crafted with artistic vision and a love of the coastal life,  Peyton William offers a variety of distinct adornments for all, from young girls to distinguished women. Discover the pieces that speak to you. Or work with our designer to craft a custom-made piece for any occasion. Enhance your own style with Peyton William handmade jewelry.

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