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Lica Naturals

It started with dryer balls. VentureMom Becky’s daughter had allergies and the concept of reducing the chemical load on her family became a goal. Dryer sheets were out. Once they began to research how to take harmful ingredients out of the environment, a whole new world opened up - household cleaning products were reassessed and the products they put on our face and bodies could be made from a handful of natural ingredients. Susie was paying $50 a tube for a natural body oil that only lasted 2 weeks! They wanted things to be different.

They started their chemistry experiments and have been making body and face products for their families and close friends until now. Lavender Lemongrass Body Butter and Better Than Botox face cream were the first and continue to be favorites to all! They have not stopped there. They now make over 10 skin care products. They include 3 body butters/creams, 2 face creams, 2 eye creams and lip balm as well as a body oil and face serum. These VentureMom's want you to feel beautiful in your skin!!!