Jacqui Justice holds an M.S. and C.N.S. in Clinical Nutrition, as well as, a certification in Functional Clinical Nutrition from Designs For Health Institute. One of the New York areas leading Nutritionists, Jacqui has been in private practice since 1996 with offices NYC and Westchester County.

Jacqui has Co-hosted a weekly radio show on WVOX “It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Hormones” and is a weekly guest on The Debbie Nigro Show ‘Wellness Wednesday”. She has been featured in various publications including the New York Times, The Journal News, Women’s News, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, and Foxnews.com, Westchester and Serendipity Magazines, and has been a guest on various local and national radio and television talk shows.

Specializing in Weight Loss Resistance, Digestive Wellness, Energy Enhancement, Menopause Management and Youthful Aging, Jacqui creates truly customized nutrition plans based on her clients individual test results (ie. Comprehensive Blood Chemistries, Food Sensitivity and Genetic testing). Her main focus is on identifying and addressing the root cause(s) of her clients wellness issues and then designing a realistic plan to quickly and easily get them to their end result - “The Very Best Versions of Themselves!!!. Jacqui is passionate in her belief that success is dependent on adopting the proper mindset. "Our minds and our bodies are intimately connected - you cannot make your body achieve what your mind does not believe".

In addition to her private practice, Jacqui is a contributing author on the DailyOm with her best selling Mojo Weight Loss 8-week on-line course, and the soon to be launched Shedding Your Menopausal Middle in 21 Days.

Jacqui is available for both in-office and virtual appointments. To inquire about her services or to make an appointment, please contact her by email: jacqui@jacquijustice.com or phone: (914) 361-1532.