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Best Brand Deodorant

My name is Tamara Hared and I developed Best Brand Deodorant due to a need that was not being met by other deodorant companies.  As a mother with teenage girl approaching puberty, I was testing every aluminum free deodorant I could find and none worked the way we all hoped they would. They either did not mask odor, left your under arms feeling wet and one scratched my skin.

So, I did some research and spent some time working on different recipes until I came up with the perfect combination of baking ingredients. Yes, I said baking ingredients!  We have all been avid Best Brand Deodorant users for over 3 years now. My husband works outdoors in the summer and will not use any other deodorant so I feel comfortable saying it works for men, women and adolescents alike. I am excited now to make it available to you and your family!