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3F NYC is about a fashion fe-nom who is fitness minded and true to herself. This lifestyle brand allows beautiful you to integrate timeless pieces within your existing wardrobe to create an on trend look.

My passion has always been fashion. I developed 3F NYC because I wanted to create a sustainable, item driven line for strong, confident women who take pride in themselves and their life.

Living in New York City and having traveled around the world in my career, I am exposed to visual fashion diversity and constant inspiration.

Women should feel good about what they wear. Designs that are comfortable, stylish as well as defining who you are. A look that can cross over from daily leisure, weekend wear or to the work place.

Each well thought through style is designed and manufactured with TLC keeping in mind what our woman would want to wear. Keen eye on fashion, fabric, quality, fit as well as construction is a no compromise approach here at 3F NYC.

We can achieve this, proudly manufacturing all of our styles here in New York City. Working with fabrics and trimmings that are uniquely designed to their individual styles.

Fashion is cyclical; having 20 plus years experience in the fashion industry I have seen how it evolves and comes around again, my goal is to encapsulate just that...